Meet Nattie’s Produce Family

Nattie's Produce FamilyThis year, both my daughter Nattie and I are vendors at the Buckman Art Show & Sell. Nattie created a set of five softies for the event. The set consists of two oranges, two strawberries, and a lemon. She calls them the Produce Family. Both Chas and I are super proud of all the hard work and dedication Nattie has put into making her collection of softies. Not only did she make all five of these little guys by hand, but she also made little tags for each softie that has the softie’s name and a little bit about his or her personality. She looks pleased as punch, doesn’t she? :)

You can take home your own member of the produce family for only $5 at the Buckman Art Show & Sale happening March 6 & 7. This is the annual fund raiser for Portland’s Art Magnet Elementary School. Details here.


2 Responses to Meet Nattie’s Produce Family

  1. christie says:

    Adorable! Go Nattie! Hopefully we can get a member of the produce family. I am sure they will sell out. :p

  2. meredith says:

    How cute! Nattie Noodles is talented, just like her mama!

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