Iron On Cupcake Patch/Applique Pattern and Tutorial PDF

Ever since I first introduced my cupcake iron-on patches over a year ago, so many people have admired them. I’m always getting inquiries about custom orders, custom sizes, and about how I make them. Their ever-growing popularity has inspired me to write and publish a PDF tutorial.

This tutorial features easy-to-follow instructions and full scale pattern (no resizing is necessary) to make your own iron-on cupcake patches from felt! Each finished patch measures 3.5″ high from the top of the cherry to the bottom of the cup, and 3″ across at the widest point. The tutorial also includes instructions on how to attach the patch to your garment.


I just felt that it was time to give something back to my readers, fans, and the craft community that has supported me these past three and a half years. Thank you for all your love and support!

Click here to download your FREE cupcake iron on patch pattern & tutorial PDF!


5 Responses to Iron On Cupcake Patch/Applique Pattern and Tutorial PDF

  1. Ashley says:

    Wondering if you just sell the patches?? I do not have a machine but am looking for patches. Thanks.

  2. Denise says:

    I just made my patch last night and love it!!!! thank you sooo much! I’m actually HORRIBLE with a sewing machine and after about 3 different tries I just sewed the lines by hand. Not as perfect looking as yours but not too bad! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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