Interview with Georgia Sakura of Little Sparrow Nest (And a Giveaway!)

Little Red Agaric MushroomsI’ve always had a fascination with whimsical forest themes. If something is adorned with an owl, deer, or squirrel, I instantly covet it. I see a pillow shaped like a log, or stationery featuring tall pines, and I’m entranced. So it’s no wonder I’ve been noticing and admiring mushroom motifs lately.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered Little Sparrow Nest, a line of imaginative and quaint plushies, art, and accessories by Georgia Sekura. From her lovely cuffs made of luxurious velvet, linen, and lace, to stickers and stationery featuring her original artwork, there is much to admire at Little Sparrow Nest. It was her hand-stitched, hand-embroidered mushrooms that first enraptured my heart, though. It’s very apparent from the moment I saw these plushies that so much care goes into all of the fine details of these creations. Each one is unique, and captures the magic and delight of a walk in the forest on a clear, summer day.

I got in touch with Georgia recently, and she graciously agreed to do an interview for the Flapper Girl blog, so we could learn more about her and her work.

il_430xn51472304How and when did you start sewing?
I began to sew at a very young age, probably seven or eight. My grandmother was always with her embroidery work in her lap, and no doubt laid a solid foundation. In fifth grade, I remember hand-sewing my curtains with music notes on them. Around 10 or so I was allowed access to my mother’s sewing machine, and I would spend hours creating my versions of fashion. I wish I would have kept some of that stuff… good times!

What really inspires you the most in your work?
I am compelled to create a bridge to one’s inner emotions through the things I create to wear and/or view. Nature. History. Eras of old. Feeling soft and sensual. I definitely play with two main themes in all of my work: a simple and pure, almost innocent view; and a smoldering & exotic feminine power.

What are your favorite mediums to work with?
Fabrics that feel good to touch. Trims and lace. Embroidery threads and little wooden hoops. Pastels and conte crayons thinned with poppy seed oil. Ceramic. Fountain pens with ink wells.

il_430xn46267245Is there a medium you want to try that you haven’t yet?
Glassblowing and metal work. I grew up on steel erection job sites because my father was a steel contractor. I always had fantasies of creating these gynormous metal flowers.

What do you do when you sit down to design something?
Everything I create begins with a visual image or feeling, then gets translated to sketches with pen & ink. I like to gather textures, pictures, words, fabric remnants, threads, and such, and use them to create a working prototype which most often becomes the final. Music is almost always playing and greatly influences my mood, so depending on the piece, varies and helps move me along.

What are your rituals in this process?
I seem to like to let each idea ferment a little in my head before I sketch it out. I often find myself solving all the design dilemmas and issues before I begin to create.

il_430xn49517854What’s the DIY/Craft scene like in Scottsdale, AZ?
I wish I could tell you! I am perpetually found inside my studio/home-school home, with the constant and utter amazement of how the hours of the day fly by. The internet is my true window. But I do think the Crafty Chica is from here, so she would know.

What’s the origin of the name Little Sparrow’s Nest?
I have always had a strange kinship with birds. I think of my role of mothering my four little baby birds much like that of a bird with hers. When I was splitting my original etsy shop in the fall of 2008, we had (for the third time) a little bird who nested in the cactus in our backyard.
I would watch her and the daddy bird feather their nest. Then she would sit—and sit alone—in the blazing hot sun. Then one day we would see her feeding two little chicks, and soon she was teaching them to fly & they would spend time in our yard before they disappeared. I felt it fitting to call the place where I send out little pieces of myself Little Sparrow Nest. For awhile I pondered the type of bird’s nest it would be, and finally settled on sparrow for their song, which will always remind me of a love for music and singing I have.

Victorian Vintage Inspired GarterWhat inspired you to start Little Sparrow’s Nest?
I wanted a venue to create the inner emotional pieces I had been filling my sketchbooks with. I have been painting for so long I was ready to get back to my early roots of hand sewing and late night fashionings.

What’s next for Little Sparrow’s Nest in 2009?
I have an overload of things I want to get to creating. Look for more fashion-y things, some highly drippy lace adornments, working with vintage materials and findings. I am feeling the need to un-censor the things I create and unleash my more complex and detailed work. We’ll see… it should be good.

I also feel the urge to paint again, and suspect I will revisit the beginnings of my style, with my old surreal abstract work making a reappearance. Oh, and my toe in the pond of blogging, and a brand spankin’ new website too!

* * * GIVE AWAY * * *

Little Red Agaric Mushroom by Little Sparrow NestWant to win this amazing hand-sewn Little Red Agaric Mushroom by Little Sparrow Nest? Here’s how to enter:

Just visit the Little Sparrow Nest shop, then come back and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite Little Sparrow Nest item is and why.

Comments will close on Monday, February 9 at 11:59pm, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, February 10!

Good luck!


28 Responses to Interview with Georgia Sakura of Little Sparrow Nest (And a Giveaway!)

  1. Esmeralda says:

    That would definately have to be the “Playful Agaric Daddy Mushroom” What an awesome progect! Stuffed mushrooms, but really stuffed, lol!
    I love mycology, and when I saw this on your blog X, I just had to check her stuff out. Wow! You’re right, she totally rocks- All of the stuff on there was awesome, but being the mushroom nerd I am I was floored by her choices. What a great, original idea!! I especially like the agarics (both the big and small) because they are so *mushroomy* in appearance. The agarics/ amanitas really evoke the classic mushroom form, and the colors are so dynamic and stand out so well. I love the boletus (you know I love boletes) and the morel was awesome too, I especially do love edibles, but the color combo and classic mushroom look of this one just stole my heart. You don’t have to enter me, btw, I mean, you can, but I needed to let you know either way that these are freakkin AWESOME

  2. Victorian Black Velvet and Lace Cuffs are my fav. Cute stuff!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Loving the Pure Natural Linen with White Lace Cuffs Corset Style …they are definitely my favorite!

  4. Stacie V says:

    Limited Edition …Victorian Gothic Lolita Steampunk – Black Velvet and Lace Cuffs – Creme Satin Ribbon Lacing – Limited Edition are my favourite because I love the Victorian stuff!

  5. Wendy Wallach says:

    Limited Edition …Victorian – Black Velvet and Lace Cuffs – Black Satin Ribbon Lacing – Limited Edition is one amazing item!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  6. lisa says:

    Sweet Little Hedge Hog on a Log… Original Drawing and Design…Delicate Hand Embroidery…Indie Wall Art.. with Original Poem

    I love the poem and the hedgehog is just adorable, I love animals.

  7. Cindi says:

    What a fun site! Her creations are unique and wonderful. The Winter Tree Card Writing Set is lovely and I love writing letters to friends and family. Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  8. SpaGoddess says:

    I absolutely adore Little Sparrow Nest! The shop is like a fantasy of preciousness. It is hard to pick a favorite!! My most coveted item in the Nest is the Delicate Cream Lace -and- Deep Red Velvet Cufflings and the Sweet Baby and Momma Brown Bolete Mushrooms because I simply cannot choose just one;)

  9. Momo says:

    I found Little Sparrow Nest months ago but forgot the name, cute as it was. I just remembered it today and was reminded of how beautiful and adorable her work is. Every piece is a treasure.

    My favorite item is the black grommeted Victorian lace cuffs, but the mushrooms and the embroidered hedgehog sure come in closely behind!

    Thanks for a great interview too!

  10. Ginny says:

    I love the Limited Edition …Victorian – Black Velvet and Lace Cuffs – Black Satin Ribbon Lacing –

  11. LeFrosch says:

    the “Limited Edition..Pure Natural Linen with White Lace Cuffs Corset Style – White Satin Ribbon Lacing” are my favorite.

    i ordered costum made ones in black with red, because they will perfectly go with my wedding dress. I found them on etsy and immediatly fell in love with them…they are so delicate and just gorgeous!

    and i have to say that georgia does a great work in designing her items!

  12. Naomi says:

    I love the little morel mushroom because they come up in our yard. Not quite as cute, though!

  13. Tara says:

    My fave item is the New Start painting- its adorable and would look great in my babies room.
    Thank you so much

  14. Valerie M says:

    the black velvet and lace cuffs are pretty pretty

  15. crystal says:

    Hi Georgia!!
    I enjoyed checking out your Esty shop..You are so talented!!! And your Cuffs…to die for!!! I love them so much!! I think all of your black cuffs are gorgeous(white ones are too,but i am more of a black kinda girl)
    My favorite is probably the lovely Limited Edition …Victorian – Black Velvet and Lace Cuffs – Black Satin Ribbon Lacing..Love it:)

  16. erica s says:

    i love the Limited Edition.. Delicate Cream Lace -and- Deep Red Velvet Cufflings …
    so pretty and delicate. i really like the fact that you can put it under anything and fancy it up!!!

  17. Becky says:

    I love everything! My favourite is the Sweet Brown Bolete Momma Mushroom – Plush Fabric Sculpture. Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. Leane says:

    I LUV ‘T h o u – A r t – B e a u t i f u l…. – Original Drawings on Vintage Shakespeare’s Sonnet Book pages – OOAK’. I like doodles, and the composition of these is sooooo cute!
    She has great talent. This is a very cute giveaway, thank you.

  19. Jenny says:

    I like the natural linen cuffs because they look so feminine. I think my daughter would love those.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Melanie says:

    Love the Sweet Baby and Momma Brown Bolete Mushrooms. They are to sweet!!

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  21. Stacy says:

    the sweet little hedgehog is so adorable. Wow, this gal is talented!!

  22. I love the victoria vintage garter because the lace is so pretty and delicate :)

    Her work is fascinating :)

    Have a nice evening,


  23. Jamaise says:

    Wow, really cute things. I’m glad
    I found this spot :)) I like the Little Red Agaric Mushroom best, but everything is cute,


  24. Rebecca C says:

    Victorian – Black Velvet and Lace Cuffs – Creme Satin Ribbon Lacing is my favorite! I love her stuff :D Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Brooke says:

    I LOVE the Thou Art Beautiful both because I love Shakespeare’s Sonnets and because the drawings are really well done.

  26. xenia says:

    What a unique shop, my favorite are the Winter Tree – Card Writing Set…Five Original Hand Drawn Art Cards with their own Writing Pouch. So handy and chic! Thanks!

  27. She creates beautiful stuff! I like the drawing on the Shakespeare sonnets because the art is delicate and a little whimsical.

  28. Leah says:

    I soooo love the T h e. W i n t e r . T r e e – Card Writing Set…(Five Original Hand Drawn Art Cards with their own Writing Pouch…storing and addressing your holiday cards in a sophisticated and organized set). Truly beautiful! It reminds me of why writing letters by hand is so magical and what a delightful surprise it is for the receiver and the sender. : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


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