National Squirrel Appreciation Day Give-Away

I love squirrels. I mean, what’s not to love about them? They’re small, furry, cute, have fluffy tails, and make adorable sounds. And I love the way they eat with their little hands. We have squirrels all over Portland, and I always enjoy seeing them scurrying about the trees and sidewalks.

So of course I was pleasantly surprised when I found out from Sarah over at Girl Land that today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. Sarah even featured my pink squirrel coffee cozy on her squirrel-tastic Etsy finds blog post.

So in honor of this little holiday, I’m giving away this Flapper Girl coffee cozy featuring an embroidered squirrel.

Squirrel Coffee Cozy

This cozy can be used again and again, and will help keep your hands cool while handling your favorite hot beverage. It’s small enough to slip into a purse or backpack pocket, and fits any standard size to-go cup. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to the cardboard cup jackets they offer at coffee shops.

There are three ways to enter, and you can do as many of them you like, for up to three chances to win. Just leave a comment on this post that meets one of the following criteria:

1. Leave me a comment telling me something squirrel-related.
2. Subscribe to the Flapper Girl mailing list, by leaving me a comment with your email address and the words “Subscribe me, please!”
3. Blog about this give-away and leave me a comment with the URL.

The contest is open until 11:59pm on January 30th. I will choose a winner at random, and announce who it is on January 31st. Good luck!


37 Responses to National Squirrel Appreciation Day Give-Away

  1. Bizket says:

    It’s a day I’ll never forget. The moment has etched itself upon the carbon copy of my soul that I keep hidden from the real world, the copy I use as referance to reseat myself when things get too weird.

    I had been up all night due to a case of food poisoning brought on by some questionable nachos from the roach coach by my apartment. I thought the green bits in the cheese were peppers. My mistake.

    I had no sick days left and proceeded to the coffee shop next to the bus stop to procure myself a cup of joe. Black, no sugar. Real coffee for a real sick man. I was hoping that the caffeine would jump start my brain and the oils in the bitter roast would help sooth my still rumbling belly. That’s when I saw him.

    Sitting on the ashtray outside the coffee shop, looking distractedly at a gull losing a fight with a crow over an old hot dog, was a small squirrel.

    As I walked in the door, the squirrel looked up at me and asked me for a single shot of espresso. I figured that I was hallucinating due to my lack of sleep and nutriants and continued into the shop. As I got in line I felt something tugging at my pant leg. I looked down to what appeared to be an angry looking squirrel with a paw full of cuff.

    ‘Did you hear me out there or are you that rude to every one?’ I apologized to him while I looked around to see if anyone else was sharing in my strange trip. When I looked back to the floor, he was running up my pant leg to my jacket, eventually to settle in the crook of my elbow where I held my morning paper.

    ‘I asked for a damn espresso. If you’re too cheap to buy me one than just say so, but there is no need to ignore me. That’s just rude’

    I violently shook my head to jar the vision lose. The nachos didn’t *taste* that bad, and I hadn’t done any drugs since Obama had that huge rally at the waterfront. When I looked back at my arm, he was still there and had a tight grip of my paper.

    ‘Damn! Warn me next time. You almost sent me tail over tea kettle! Listen, my name is Edward and I am having a rough patch of luck. I lost my job a few weeks ago and I don’t see the Feds offering a bailout for the Nut Bank of Sciuridae. I am just trying to provide for my family but I need a shot man! Did you see those birds out there tearing at each other? How do you think I am going to compete with that if im not jacked up on espresso?’

    As I stood there dumbfounded, I heard the barista asking, for probably the third time, what I wanted. I absently told her a large black coffee with a shot in it. When I looked back down at my arm, Edward was no where to be seen. I started looking under tables and along the counter. I was in a mild panic. What had I done? He was only trying to provide for his family and I was being a jack ass. As the barista handed me my drink I realized that I had told her to ad Edwards espresso to my coffee. I was crest fallen. I looked up at the door and thought I saw him outside.

    I bolted out the front door screaming for Edward to come back. All I managed to do was scare the crow away from his hot dog. I went to take a sip of my drink and that is when I noticed Edward sitting serenely on my cup cozy. He had jumped up for his shot when I wasn’t looking.

    I know it really happened because I still have the cozy. It’s been a year since then and Edward still looks upon me with appreciation. Sure I have to switch coffee shops every month or so. The baristas don’t take kindly to me telling Edward to be quiet when he gets too chittery before his coffee in the morning, but I feel like I owe the little guy.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    When I was a little girl, I was in a Father/Daughter group called Indian Princesses. We had to give ourselves “Indian” names. I loooooved squirrels, so I called myself Princess Squirrelface. :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    I loves it!! I think squirrels are so amusing. ;)

  4. 1. If you come to my housewarming party this Sunday, you might get to meet the gigantic, super-cute squirrel that lives outside our window. It’s more like a small cat… the last tennants must have fed it. Or maybe the kids on the playground across the street.

    2. subscribe me, please! I have a new e-mail address (I’ll send it via myspace or something so it’s not out in the open).

  5. blacksabbatha says:

    did i mention my parents lived across the street from a couple who kept a flying squirrel as a pet? yessiree.

  6. blacksabbatha says:

    oh, and subscribe me please!

    i’ll also try to link you from my blog but that might be later tonight cause work is CRAZY!!!

  7. Julie L. says:

    I am from Arizona where there are not many squirrels (that I know of). We live in Wyoming now and I see A squirrel all the time…I swear it is always the same one though. But I have to say I love coffee even more than squirrels!!!

  8. Kari says:

    My husband is a firefighter. Years ago, the firehouse he was stationed at had a “pet” squirrel. It would come around all the time and let the firemen hand-feed it. Personally, I was always freaked out that it was going to bite one of them, but, they all got a kick out of it. Very fun giveaway, your coffee cozies are adorable! Thanks.

  9. Liz says:

    My mother called 911 when a squirrel acidentally dropped down her chimney and came out into her living room. Yes – they showed up to help her. She laughs about it now…

  10. Liz says:

    and subscribe me please!

  11. Meghan says:

    Did you know that squirrels cannot digest cellulose? How interesting! I really love your squirrel coffee cozy and hope that I am the winner, as the aquirrel is my spirit animal.

  12. Katie Klute says:

    My nephew was attacked by a squirrel in Winter Park, FL a few years ago. He was only 3. My husband’s brother kicked the squirrel off of his son and yet it came back for more. My nephew had to go through a series of rabies shots. He survived. I know this is about appreciating squirrels, other than the attacking one’s I do. ;),2933,208026,00.html

  13. Chebang says:

    When I was a junior in college a squirrel chased me through the middle of campus. I just got out of a class and I saw him standing proudly in front of an old redwood tree. I started making little squirrel noises at it. I’d squeak and then it would squeak and flap it’s tail. I thought it was really cute. We continued this way, squeaking to eachother for several seconds, until he began a slow approach that quickly became a chase. I started screaming and running as he ran after me through the grassy center of campus where students were sprawled out studying and resting. I had to hop over bodies and zig zag to avoid running over anyone. I heard lots of laughter and I started laughing too, which finally frightened our little bold squirrel and he ran back to his tree and up to safety.

  14. True Story:

    Several years ago, I was running in a park when I saw a squirrel in my path. Nobody else was nearby so I stopped to make some chattering noises to the little guy just for fun. Surprisingly, he sat straight up, looked at me, and then started to run towards me! So, I ran the other way!

    I told a friend about it and he thought I was exaggerating. As we were walking in a different park, I made my squirrel noises again. This time several squirrels started to come down out of their trees! My friend believed! And we both ran away!

    At that time I worked in a wonderful, magical, vintage clothing boutique. Aside from vintage, we also sold herbal teas, medicinal herbs and smudge sticks. A group of people who were members of a local Native American tribe were regular customers for the herbs and smudge.

    When they came in to the shop one day, I told them the squirrel story just to pass the time while I put their order together. But they became intrigued! They quickly diagnosed what was really going on…I possessed “Squirrel Medicine”! In other words, I had a special connection to squirrels based upon some kind of shared spirit. Having Squirrel Medicine, they told me, explained why I was attracted to finding vintage, collecting stuff from the past and holding on to it for the future. They said I should not run away from my medicine.

    I thought what they said was really interesting, but I stopped making squirrel noises because I didn’t want to get bitten and have to have rabies shots! Then came a whole lotta life and babies and such and I drifted away from my natural squirreliness!

    Lately though, I finally ‘got it’. Those Native Americans told me not to run away from my spirit, not the actual squirrels! I didn’t listen. I ran away. Now, however, I am trying to move towards what is really in my heart and spirit. And that’s why I named my etsy shop after squirrels!

    So, wish me luck on the cozy!!

  15. Amber says:

    ooohhh, I love these posts. So much fun. i’ve been giggling like a mad woman reading them all.
    I found out about this from Girl Land! One of my squirrels was also featured on NSAD. :)

    I also have a new squirrel named “Viv”, who likes to give nickels to the kids so they can buy themselves candy. Viv was inspired by my grandmother and grandfather. they were poor, but always managed to scrounge for a nickel for the kids.
    thanks for this great giveaway. Please subscribe me too :)

  16. andria says:

    This is not at all like the stories above but my 4 year old just recently noticed the squrriels walking along the power lines. He thougt it was about the coolest thing that they could run and balance across the lines. It was so cool to see his amazement.

    Thanks for the chance to win the super cute cozy!

  17. Dianna says:

    I have a student who has a “pet” squirrel (I’m pretty sure the squirrel still lives outside) named “Hammy.” Apparently Hammy is a big fan of peanut butter and sunflower seeds. :)

    Love the cozy…


  18. Tara says:

    Squirrels are pretty cool. My grandma used to call them roof rabbits, i’m not sure why or if she made that up…but i always thought it was cute.

  19. Stacie V says:

    We have a brown squirrel that used to came over Christmas. I would put peanuts outside and he would come and take them one by one. It was so cute. I put out a big cookie and he took that too. It was so funny!

  20. Stacie V says:

    Subscribe me please.

  21. meredith says:

    Once at my work I saw this little squirrel without a tail in the backyard. (I don’t know how he lost it.) All the other squirrels were mean and kept him away from the peanuts. So one day I put it out earlier, and the little tailless squirrel beat all the others and was able to eat! I heart squirrels. And you of course!

  22. Roxy says:

    The squirrels in Boston are very friendly and come right up to you to take a nut out of your hand. Be aware though… they’ll follow you with hopes of more.

  23. Cindi says:

    Hi, My brother was a veterinarian for 33 years before he passed away. One time a customer brought him a baby squirrel to care for. It was in the mother’s mouth when the man shot the mother out of a tree. We hand fed Squeakers for 3 months until her eyes opened! My dad made her a hug cage in the corner of our kitchen, with a box inside and a huge tree limb. We added a light on top for her. Squeaky lived for 8 years and was even turning gray. She died in my hand. Also, after I was married, my husband and I lived in a 90 year old house that was in an established neighborhood. I began feeding the squirrels when I would sit on our front porch. Some of them actually ate the pecans right our of my hands! One used to come right up to the screen door and look in until I came out to feed him. It was such fun. Please enter me in your delightful Flapper Girl Squirrel Coffee Cozy
    giveaway drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  24. Cindi says:

    I love your work! Please subscribe me to your email newsletter.
    Thanks again, Cindi

  25. Naomi says:

    We almost named our daughter Squirrel. Instead, she’s a Roo. But we still like the little fuzzy tailed critters, too.

  26. brent says:

    Squirrel’s belong to the order “Rodentia”, with 1650 species, it is the largest group of living mammals. It also comprises forty percent of all present day mammal species.

  27. carica says:

    1st of all, these comments are great. We are surrounded by squirrels in my town, where our claim to fame is that we have black squirrels. When my husband’s relatives from Europe visit, it’s embarrassing how much videotape they use filming them.

  28. Jennifer says:

    The squirrels at our local park are fearless! They come right up on the kids’ playmat and try to take their snacks away from from them!

  29. Jennifer says:

    subscribe me, please!

  30. christin says:

    on a spring day we had our front door open and my daughter and i kept hearing a noise outside. we thought it was a bird, but when we started watching we realized it was two squirrels chattering back and forth. i honestly never knew what a squirrel sounded like! too funny:) thanks for the chance to win and happy squirrel appreciation day:)

  31. christin says:

    subscribe me, please:)

  32. Leah says:

    We have a resident squirrel in our garden that loves to abscond with the fruits on our trees, especially the figs! Of course, how can we berate this squirrel who brings so much humor and joy to our lives! We’ve named him Cecil and decided he is an honorary member of our family! But, his biggest fan is my ds who calls him Sweeeeeswull! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  33. Leah says:

    Please sign me up as a SUBSCRIBER! : )))

    My e~mail addy is: leahita[at]gmail[dot]com

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