I’m a Farmer: Part Two

I see sprouting! Hooray! It seems like everything is happening at once, and it’s fascinating. The first little seedlings to sprout were my basil and thyme. My Italian parsley and oregano peeked up from the surface of their peat pots this afternoon.

The crappy thing is, some of the little seedlings have a tiny bit of white mold on them. I know this is from being too wet while enclosed in the plastic greenhouse. I’ve heard that sprinkling some cornmeal on top of the peat pots should help with this (while also acting as a mild fertilizer), so that’s what I did last night. I hope that helps and doesn’t do any harm.

I moved the little greenhouse from the corner by the kitchen table to under one of the windows in the living room. I think my little seedlings will be happier there.


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