I Smell Like a Filthy Viking


I’ve never been one to wear perfume*. I generally don’t like flowery perfumes. Fruity ones smell ok, but I don’t really want to
smell like fruit. Fake vanilla just smells too sickeningly sweet to me (this coming from a former sugar addict, no less). I tend to like spicy scents, but never found one that smells good on me. That’s the thing, too. Something about my body chemistry does not allow perfume to smell good on me. I have gotten by with smelling like shampoo & deodorant for years now, and it’s served me fine.

Still, every once in awhile I get a wild hair and try to find a scent that I like. I mean, I don’t hate the idea of perfume. Afterall, I like things that smell good: Pacifica candles, Nag Champa incense, Tuscan Blood Orange body butter, my husband Chas’ neck. But my quests for a fragrance always ends the same way: With me having stinky wrists, and saying, “Damnit. When will I learn?”

That was always the outcome until this week, that is. On Sunday I bought a bottle of Filthy Viking perfume oil from Arcana Soaps, and it actually makes me smell delicious! Arcana describes the scent as “bracing Norwegian juniper, frigid Icelandic mint and the hardy wood of a longship.” I like it because it’s kinda earthy, but not manly. I still feel feminine wearing it, but not like I’m coated with sugar water or flowery piss spray. It’s good. And I’m happy with my purchase. Let’s just hope my body chemistry continues to cooperate!

Also, let it be known that I have been an Arcana soap fan for years, so it’s no big surprise that a perfume I actually end up liking is from Arcana. I swear, people, all of their soaps smell amazing. They are incapable of making a stinky soap!

*Unless you count** the brief period in fourth grade when I got a small bottle of Ex’cla.ma’tion for Christmas and gave it a whirl for awhile.
**I don’t count that.

One Response to I Smell Like a Filthy Viking

  1. meredith says:

    Coming from a Norwegian, the “bracing Norwegian juniper, frigid Icelandic mint and the hardy wood of a longship” sounds delightful!

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