Hey, It’s Fall…


Wow. It’s mid-November already. Where has the time gone?

My sale last Sunday was great! Big thanks to everyone who stopped by or sent me good vibes and good luck. Beth, Katie, and Brad stopped by, as did Jess and her boyfriend, and my friend Crystal who just moved back from Italy kept me company the second half of the day. And Chas and Nattie stopped by with lunch, an iced coffee, and dark chocolate <3

Last week Chas gave me a crash course on using his fancy digital camera, so I’m going to be able to take photos of my smaller creations for listing them on Etsy. I also decided to start up a new Etsy store dedicated to selling some of my surplus craft supplies and vintage items. It’s called Destashed. I’ll post about it again when I get more stuff in there.

Oh! This week Chas and I picked up my old pink Morse sewing machine from Montavilla Sewing Center. I can’t believe how much quieter this machine is than my Janome I bought brand new two years ago. This is a great discovery, since it gives me the option to stay up late on a deadline sewing my hands off. I wasn’t able to do that with my Janome, since quiet hours at my little old apartment start at 9pm.

In other exciting news, I got into Reading Frenzy‘s 13th Annual Cheap Art & Craft Show, which means my coffee cozies, cupcake patches, and possibly my clutches will be on display (and for sale) at Reading Frenzy during December. I did really well at last year’s sale, and I’m excited about being a part of it again.

And in yet other exciting news, I won a contest! Conjure Oils held a Holiday Contest and my submission was one of the 14 blends that won! So I will be receiving a 10ml bottle of my scent, plus I get to choose four 5ml bottles from the rest of the Yule scents available. Hawt Dawg! You can browse the whole Yule line here. And if you’re curious as to which scent I submitted, it’s the one called Snegurochka, a scent based on a snow maiden in Russian folklore of the same name.


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