Green Knee Socks! It’s True

Last week I was on a hunt for a good pair of green knee socks. Not the olive green or hunter green knee socks you can find just about anywhere, but a pair of bright kelly green ones that would perfectly match my favorite vintage scarf that has the cutest squirrel & acorn pattern on it. My internet search was proving to be barren and frustrating, and the closest thing I found was some kelly green volleyball socks. I almost purchased them, but decided to hold out since they were a little over my budget (they were roughly $15 including shipping). So I trudged on with my search. Then, when things were looking really bleak and I was slowly trying to convince myself the volleyball socks were going to have to do, I finally stumbled across the motherload—a little online shop called We Love Colors that carries knee high socks in over 45 colors.


Oh, but it gets better. The knee socks are only $3.50 a pair, and shipping is incredibly reasonable. Since I was having a hard time deciding if kelly green or emerald was the perfect shade, I ordered a pair of each:

My socks arrived in the mail today, and they are fantastic! They are comfy, well made, and the colors are super vibrant. And the best part? Now I know when I do something silly like build an outfit around a specific accessory that I adore, I know I will be able to find the perfect shade of socks to match.


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