End of Summer Update

Hello friends. My, how the summer has flown by. I hope you all had a great one. The highlight of my summer was vacationing in San Francisco. A few weeks ago, my husband, daughter, and I loaded up our car, and took the scenic highway down to the Bay Area. It was tremendously fun!

While I was in SF, I checked out a bunch of fabric stores. Here is what I found:

Discount Fabrics: This was my first stop. Discount Fabrics has a few locations. I went to the one on Haight. They had a good selection of assorted fabrics for clothing and decor, but a rather small collection of cotton blends. They also had a lot of trims. I scored a bunch of panty elastic for SO CHEAP that it made me giddy. I also bought some wonderful teal tulle that I will be turning into hostess aprons soon enough.

Mendel’s: Next stop was Mendel’s, which I had been to back in 2006 while on tour with my old band, The Jolenes. The downstairs portion of the store has general craft supplies and buttons, while the upper section has fabrics. This was not my favorite fabric store I hit up, because it didn’t really offer much of anything I couldn’t get at home, and prices were average at best. However! I did pick up some felt squares there, because they had some in colors I hadn’t seen before, such as a gorgeous minty-teal color, and a copper brown that will make wonderful deer appliques. They also had plenty of bubble-gum pink felt squares (the week before I left Portland, I had an intensive, fruitless search for these*), so I picked up some of those too.

*I’m not sure why the stores in Portland were suddenly out of/not carrying bubble gum pink felt squares, but it was very sad and frustrating.

Fabric Outlet: Three fabric stores in one day? You betcha! After leaving Haight-Ashbury, we took the bus down to the Valencia/Mission district. Upon walking down the stairs of 2109 Mission Street, where Fabric Outlet is nestled, I spotted a clearance table and picked up even MORE panty elastic at bargain prices. I also got some by-the-yard teal rick-rack (you can never have enough of that stuff). I browsed through the fabric quickly, but nothing caught my eye. Then again, I was starving, and my family was waiting for me at Thrift Town up the street. If I would have been up for more browsing, I’m sure I would have found some great deals.

Urban Burp: Two days later, I stopped at Urban Burp, 5 minutes before the shop was closing. The owner, Electra Skilandat, was amazingly generous and wonderful, and gave my family and me a tour of the shop (and unlimited browsing), even after the store was closed. I didn’t want to be too much of a pain, so I did my best to look quickly and thoroughly. I ended up looking mostly at her bolts of cotton and purchased two yards of amazing, still-new-on-the-bolt vintage fabric. But Urban Burp doesn’t just have cottons—they have everything! For any vintage fabric enthusiast, browsing this store is an experience you will definitely luxuriate in.

Fabrix: This was one of our last stops during our last day in SF. It was worth the wait. Fabrix is a rather small store, but their prices are amazing. I bought a lot of material to make panties with for only—get this—99 cents per yard! Almost all their fabric is $2.39 per yard or less. And there was a lot of good stuff in there. I also combed through their bulk buttons and purchased a big handful of really great novelty ones: some white roses, pink roses, brown acorns, and green stars. Oh! And big, black round buttons that I will use to embellish my handmade clutches. If I lived in the area, this would be one of my routine stops.


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