New Clutch Handbags

I know I’ve been super quiet around these parts lately, but it’s only because I’ve been so busy. And to prove it, here is a photo of all the lovely clutch handbags I’ve been working on:


These clutches are made with sturdy corduroy and are lined with fun, bright cotton prints. The lining and wristlet on each clutch are made with the same matching material. Each handbag features a snap closure and bold, feminine trims—many of which are vintage, including the velvet ribbon and many of the buttons you see in the photo.

My photographer (who also happens to be my wonderful fiance!) is in Houston this week on business, but once he’s back, these clutches will start making their way into my shop. If you see something in this photo that you really love and cannot live without, shoot me an email and you can purchase it now via PayPal.

One Response to New Clutch Handbags

  1. Nectarfizz says:

    yummy..yummy..yummy…I need money (pout)

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