Lulu’s Vintage


I’m sure most of my friends have heard me say this before over a cup of coffee, but for those of you who haven’t heard me say it, you must check out Lulu’s Vintage if you love vintage clothing. Here’s a snapshot of what goes on over at this blog, in the words of Lulu herself:

Every weekday I write articles about which websites have the best selection of vintage clothing and accessories, which ones are having sales, vintage expos, new fashions influenced by old fashions, celebrities spotted in vintage, etc…

MANLY MONDAYS– Good men’s vintage clothing is hard to come by. So, to help solve the conundrum of where to find great men’s vintage, I scour the internet and find pieces to share with you.

WEDNESDAYS– I find ten Collectibles & Housewares items to share with you.

FASHION FRIDAYS– New clothing that has been influenced by old clothing. So much of what is being designed, shown in magazines and sold today is based on vintage clothing.

SATURDAYS– I post Vintage Advertisements from my vintage magazine collection. You will find that some of the ads are works of art, many are amusing and often times they are great inspiration for retro makeup and hair styles.

THE STYLE COUNCIL-The first Sunday of every month I feature an interview with a vintage clothes lover.

This website is chalk full of vintage eye candy including clothing, accessories, advertisements, and sewing patterns. Plus, you will find posts about vintage clothing finds & sales from around the internet, book reviews, and more.

So now you can only imagine how excited I was to find this in my Google Reader this morning! Thank you so much, Lulu! :D


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