New Flapper Girl Items Coming in 2008


I’ve been super busy with cupcake iron-on patch orders this month, and it’s only the 7th! And check this out—I’m now offering a new smaller size of cupcake patch. These cuties measure 4″ high, and 3″ across at the widest point and are $8 each. Of course, my classic cupcake iron on patches are still available. They measure 5″ high, and 4.5″ across at the widest point and are $10 each. I do custom orders too, so if you are looking for a different size all together just send me an email and I will try to accommodate you.

In other exciting news, I’ve been working on some new projects. Over the holidays, I drafted a pattern for a lovely clutch handbag. I’ve been keeping a notebook of all the design combinations I want to make with this pattern, and I can’t wait to unveil the finished clutches later this month.

I’m also working on a batch of reusable to-go coffee cup cozies. I really don’t like using the disposable cardboard ones they have at coffee shops because I always feel guilty about being wasteful—but I also don’t like burning my hands. The coffee cozies I’m working on are made of high-quality felt, and feature some hand-embroidered goodness.

I have a few more new items planned for 2008, but I’ll keep those under my cloche hat for now. Like a true flapper girl, I try to keep up a little air of exciting mystery ;-)


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