Aprons Galore!


These are all the apron designs I have been working on this month! Clockwise, from top center:
Vintage Kitchen—Everything you’d find in an old school kitchen including the kitchen sink!
Pac Man—Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, and some cherries too.
Le 50s Femme—This super feminine pastel pink and blue apron features vintage radios, phones, clocks, and even a poodle or two.
Rock the 80s—Bright teal fabric with magenta rick-rack and a coordinating black fabric featuring tiny multi-colored hearts.
Vintage Halloween—This apron was made with the Halloween enthusiasts in mind. It features friendly jack-o-lanterns and a few spooky black kitties.
Brown Owl—A first in my new series! This green polka-dot apron features a hand-embroidered owl on the pocket. (See below for Owl detail)
Vintage Floral—This apron is very similar to my favorite vintage apron in my vast collection (and the one I use the most in my kitchen). A simple vintage-inspired floral fabric gives this apron a classic look.
Cowgirls & Indians— Yee Haw! Cowgirls, Indian Maidens, cacti, and wild horses. This apron makes me want to slip a cap gun in the utensil pocket and cook with my cowboy boots on.

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Embroidered Owl Pocket Detail


2 Responses to Aprons Galore!

  1. christie says:

    Heya! When will you have them posted on Etsy? I think I need an owl one! And some others for presents. Oh wait…maybe I should just come to a craft show. :) xo:christie:

  2. flappergirlcreations says:

    Come by the Wonder Ballroom this Sunday for I Heart Indie Holidays! I will have all these with me + another owl apron with a blue/teal/yellow theme. :) xo Christine

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